Binding machines, elastic string, adhesive tape

Derived from the binding machines used in horticulture and market gardening, ARC adhesive tape and string binders allow the following :

  • Tying of coils or cable bundles
  • Bundling of different items of industrial hardware
  • Tying of fabric lots for garment manufacture and the textile industry
  • Bundling of lots for packing machines (brushes, kitchen utensils, tools, etc.)
  • Tying of various parts for automotive manufacturers (belts, hoses, mechanical parts, etc.)


Rotating tying machine - "FR2" type


The tying machine FR2 is suitable for long products that need strong tighteningmachine.

Thanks to its patented knotting part fully closed, the tying machine FR2 responds to every safety and reliability. .

The tying machine is suitable for many type of products such as profiled product, textile, leaflets etc ......

Vertical binding machine "BVI" type


Vertical binding machine for industry

Equipped with an arm has vertical trajectory, this binding machine allows to tie up many low-size products in the industry of the cable, the mechanical engineering industry........

Binding machine - "LSI" type


Binding machine for industry, string binder

This highly versatile machine can be used to wrap, tighten and knot products of all shapes.

Adhesive tape binding machine - "HTM2" type

htm2 gb1

Adhesive tape binding machine,electrical tape tying machine

This highly versatile machine easily adapts to all adhesive taping operations.

Models are available with one or two tape reel heads.