Tying machine for vegetables.Elastic string.Adhesive tape

In agriculture, ARC binding machines are often used by :

  • Market gardeners or packers for tying bundles of vegetables and herbs
  • Horticulturalists or packers for tying cut flowers
  • Nursery gardeners and rose growers for tying up plants


Automatic line - "INOX" type


Packing lines and bunching lines to make bunches of vegetables

Automated packing lines may be equipped with elastic or adhesive tape binding machines, with the cutting of bundles once they have been tied, to ensure neat presentation.

With manual loading they can be used to make bunches of leeks, onions, asparagus, Swiss chard, parsley and many other herbs, as well as for bundling cucumbers, etc.

Belt conveyor and rotating table


In order to optimize and to organize the working stations, we produce, in complement of the automated packing lines, various conveyors and rotating tables.



Tying and labeling Kwik Lok binder for vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Compact machine equiped with wheels and brakes makes the positioning into the packhouse very convenient.

Binding machine - "ECO" type


Binding machine for vegetables and herbs

Its small size means it can be installed singly or in pairs on packing line, taking up a minimum of space.

This very narrow binding machine can also be used "solo" on small product.

Binding machine - "LSA" type


Binding machine for vegetables and herbs

This very versatile machine enables to wrap, tighter and knot all sorts of products..

It is the "solo" machine Excellency.

It is supplied on stand with wheels.

Binding machine - "ASPARAGUS" type


Binding machine for asparagus

This machine is for tying 500 g and 1 kg bundles of asparagus.

Equipped with a weight indicator on the positioning frame, just one person creates the bundles and applies two elastic bands by rotating the frame.

Adhesive tape binding machine - "HTM2" type

htm2 gb1

Adhesive tape binding machine, tape tying machine

This highly versatile machine easily adapts to all adhesive taping operations.

Models are available with one or two tape reel heads.