Elastic string - Synthetic raffia

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  • Food-grade elastic
  • Non food-grade elastic with one or three rubber strands (recommended for different binding strengths)
  • Synthetic raffia

Synthetic raffia


Synthetic raffia RAPH

Synthetic raffia "RAPH" type consists of Polyethylene (PE TAPE)

Elastic - "AR 2816" type


Elastic string AR 2816, Elastic cord AR2816

Triple elastic type AR 2816 consists of three elastic strands covered with polyamide

Elastic - "AR 2407" type


Elastic - "AR 2407" type

Single elastic type AR 2407 consists of an elastic strand covered with polyamide

Food-grade elastic - "AR 24 00 08" type


Food-grade elastic string AR 240008, Elastic cord AR240008

Single elastic type AR 24 00 08 consists of one food-grade elastic strand covered with polyester